“Just walk out technology” by Amazon Go, is it good enough?

Discussion in 'Others' started by technicalwriter, Apr 17, 2017.

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    “Just walk out technology” by Amazon Go, is it good enough?

    Giant retail stores such as Amazon, Apple, etc are in a venture to bring about a revolution in the retail shopping just like online shopping had put into. Negligence of cash registers and nullifying the shoplifting atrocities is the secondary goal to them and their valuable customers being able to just purchase items and walk out right away is the primary goal. Online shopping has drastically influenced the retail industry and customers just click away their purchase and pay electronically. But there are few items that can be purchased only after felt and there are some under non-shipping and perishable criteria. Also avoiding defraud activities and cash register queues, the attempt is made. To attract and convince those stubborn customers to come for shopping with the innovating intelligence and technology is the sweet deal they are put up with their workforce.

    Amazon is emerging and trying their patented “Just Walk-Out Technology” that is brand-new and daring. Using artificial intelligence (A.I) combined with computer vision, sensors, deep learning algorithms; the technology will know who is buying what which is similar in self-driving cars. When one enters, he/she is made to scan a QR code on the Amazon Go app at the entrance and the scan notifies to the system at the store that he/she entered and preemptively acknowledges and sums up the purchases he/she made. Then he/she shop at the store. A.I uses numerous inputs, camera records, scales built in to calculate the weight of items to register data and sum up shopping. Taking in items and replacing them is also designed to be captured during shopping and is enhanced by face and body recognition functionality. Walking out of the store without any fuss is the smart pace here done with the sensors after shopping. Disadvantages arise when it becomes overcrowded; A.I coming to crash and halt; and some other mistakes made by the machines and technology that eventually necessitates the human supervision. If this venture becomes successful, automated stores will influence greater but several years away in real time.
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