Canalys reports India’s top ranked Smartphone brands – Samsung and Xiaomi in Q1 2017

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    Canalys reports India’s top ranked Smartphone brands – Samsung and Xiaomi in Q1 2017

    Singapore based research firm Canalys has reported the rankings of the Smartphone brands in India in terms of quarterly shipments. Indian Smartphone market is being dominated by the South Korean Smartphone bighead Samsung which always stands top in the market without yielding to other brands. Though Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are old and crossed over by other brands, people in India are still interested in buying and using them. Such is the influence and wave caused among the Indian populace by the ever-complying Samsung Smartphones. Samsung handled to ship smartphone devices close to the count of six million in Q1 2017 and has wide smartphone portfolio than the other incumbent brands. Also Samsung has a collection of products and devices in the sub-Rs.20000 price range which is cost effective to many and little pricey to very few.

    Another famous brand ranking second and unable to beat Samsung is Xiaomi which is also topping other brands to an excellent level therein managing to supply its devices around four million in count. Xiaomi is short by less than two million when compared to Samsung and the victory is highlighted by the online market strategy with online-only flash model sales. With the array of just three or four devices, Xiaomi wins over being cost effective and simple. Xiaomi targets young people who prefer online presence and so the devices were sold instantly and firstly even during the months of demonetization. Xiaomi has nil devices in the flagship division currently as the Mi 5 is one year old. Canalys reports that the shipments too have elevated by three percent at 14 percent from the eleven percent in Q1 2016. Now the company did enter offline marketing also.

    Third ranking is Vivo which is now in raising popularity mode as the company emits powerful offline existence. In addition, the Vivo IPL marketing strategy massively aids the brand to be popular and victorious among the consumers. Vivo operated to obtain two digit shipments and sales in Q1 2017 as the firm has transported close to the count of three million units both online and offline totaled.

    Another brand Lenovo, Chinese make is at number four followed by another Chinese brand Oppo at number five. The report ends with the sum of smartphone shipments that has entered our nation to be as high as twenty seven million in count. Which smartphone brand would you like to purchase now?
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