Travel is made secure now, ‘Road Safe’ app to be introduced for distraction-free and safe driving in

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    Travel is made secure now, ‘Road Safe’ app to be introduced for distraction-free and safe driving in India

    Mobile phones usage while driving tends to be the major cause for numerous road accidents and nearing-to-accident incidents in India, especially in metropolitan and big cities and towns. A distinctive report was published on ‘Safety in Mobility’ by Vodafone India and SaveLIFE Foundation that describes the attitude and behavior of the driver while driving and using mobile. The title is “Distracted Driving in India: A Study on Mobile Phone Usage, Pattern and Behavior” that vividly explains the motif, encounters and everything that is concerned with mobile utility while driving.

    The report states that among the people, 41% use handsets for work oriented intents while driving and 94% populace admit the fact of mobile utility being dangerous while driving. Also, it reveals that 60% stop to answer calls at unsafe locations and 20% had met with accidents or missed by a sleek possibility. The survey was performed by international research agency Kantar Public that covered eight cities and 1749 respondents covering up drivers of two-wheelers to four-wheelers and trucks. The report found that there is one 34%populace who put sudden brakes when riding and talking over phones. 96% people experience insecurity when the drivers talk over mobiles while driving.

    To ensure safety driving and accident-free zones all over the major cities in India, Vodafone and SaveLIFE Foundation introduced an application jointly named ‘Road Safe’ to strictly practice and promote road safety in Indian transportation. The underscored feature in this app is to apply distraction free driving through automatically turning off the calls, SMS and notifications for the driver when the speed is over 10Kmph. Mobile usage while driving has become uncontrollable in India and this Vodafone-SaveLIFE Foundation Road Safe mobile app is one unique and path-breaking move to enable safe travelling to the drivers and passengers.
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