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Bsnl Broadband


bsnlBSNL is the name given to the company that provides high-speed internet connection with fast bandwidth. It is a quick connection, typically “always-on” and capable of transmitting data at a much faster rate than a standard dialup modem connection. BSNL is available in many areas.


BSNL Broadband

bsnl broadbandBSNL Broadband will not tie up your phone line, allowing you to use the internet and telephone simultaneously. BSNL Broadband can be provided from a dedicated line such as Cable or ISDN, or over the top of our phone line such as ADSL. Low-band Internet access is typically running up to 56kbps using a dial-up modem. Mid-band Internet is a phrase given to dialup that operates at 64kbps or 28kbps. Broadband starts at 512kbps (approximately ten times faster than typical dialup) and is also typically available at 1mbps, 1.5mbps and 2.2mbps. Some companies offer broadband at 4mbps and 8mbps. The maximum possible for example is around 26mbps and 24mbps for ADSL although these speeds are not sold commercially due to the high cost required to upgrade telephone lines to be able to transmit at this speed.


Indian Broadband

indian broadbandIndian Broadband will allow you to quickly download or stream music and video. Many websites are designed especially for broadband users with intense integrated graphics, flash and video. Another popular use of Indian broadband is online gaming. Xbox and PS2 consoles include broadband support, by subscribing to gaming packages from your SP you can play Xbox and PS2 games live with other people over the internet in India. Online PC gaming has been around since the early days of the internet. Now with faster speeds there is less lag (slow or jerky response from the computer making it hard to play) and you are no longer keeping an eye on the time as you play, making it much more popular. Many recent games are released requiring an internet connection, without them you simply cannot play without an internet connection.



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